Adidas: Battle Pack

DDB & Tribal Amsterdam

DDB & Tribal Amsterdam

Adidas: Battle Pack

As Adidas prepared to unleash a battalion of new football boots during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, we built a power-packed ecommerce platform to promote four special boots dubbed the Battle Pack. The site is charged with motion graphics goodness that lead users to discover the details of each boot. Literally highlighting the boots’ distinct design features, the award-winning animations ensured the Battle Pack was ready for the world stage. The videos were in displayed in stadiums during the World Cup and Adidas stores around the world, amassing over one million views on social media.

Rather than CGI, the shoes were photographed against a green screen and then enhanced in Photoshop before unleashing the After Effects beast. The animations and effects were specifically designed to fit the style of the boots themselves, making sure the Battle Pack would become the star of the World Cup.

Adidas: Battle Pack


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