CHPA: DXM Labworks Trailer

Tribal DDB NY

Tribal DDB NY

CHPA: DXM Labworks Trailer

DXM Labworks introduces a playful approach to the prevention of drug abuse. Created by Tribal Worldwide NY, this MediaMonks-produced mobile game allows users to engage with the dangers connected to DXM abuse, the active ingredient in over-the-counter cough medicines. The app features 12 original minigames that bring the detrimental effects of DXM abuse to the screens of teens in a fun but factual format. The minigames take the form of DXM-infused experiments that challenge players to test how long their robot remains functional. MediaMonks is also responsible for the futuristic campaign trailer sporting high-end 3D characters in a CG-rendered factory.

The trailer was produced to create awareness for DXM Labworks and acts as slick gateway to game-world. For the trailer, our animators crafted bespoke representations of the DXM-infused robots from the game, now in high-end 3D. As the voiceover introduces DXM Labworks, we see the robots being assembled and put to the test in a futuristic factory. The pinnacle of the trailer is a puking robot, the inevitable result of DXM abuse.

The production of the trailer started with a MediaMonks-illustrated storyboard. We then translated Tribal’s for the trailer into an animatic that depicted how the robots would be constructed, how they would move, and how they’d interact with one another. Once the character designs were agreed upon, we used the animatic as a the inspiration for building the futuristic factory environment.

What followed was probably the most difficult step of the DXM Labworks trailer: animating an intoxicated stream of robot vomit. With little reference as to what a puking robot looks like, we performed a number of tests exploring potential liquid styles. After all, we needed to ensure the final result would be something our teenage audience would remember.

From the serial numbers on the robots’ arms to the entry light that turns from red to green as the lab doors open, it’s the minute characteristics that turn this production from awesome to amazing. Combined with marvellous music composed by our in-house Sound Monks and extensive shading and texturing, DXM Labworks demonstrates the power of integrated production like no other.

CHPA: DXM Labworks Trailer







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