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Intel: History comes alive

History Comes Alive brings art and technology together in an experiential event that connects people in China to their remarkable heritage. To feature ordinary people in an extraordinary way, JWT Beijing and MediaMonks produced four original films and an installation to make it personal. The campaign demonstrates Intel’s RealSense technology by producing realistic 3D models of people’s facial features. By scanning their face, participants are featured in a series of fully-animated stories in which their faces are mapped onto historical characters. The project was first brought to life on the ancient walls of Xi’an and now lives in live events around China.

MediaMonks is responsible for producing all art, animation and the original score as well as the technical integration of the facial scans that literally give this campaign its face. Based on the 3D scans, the film automatically adapts to match the colour and facial characteristics of the participants, smoothly blending them into the animated (hi)stories.

History Comes Alive is one of our most extensive projects yet. The four main stories amount to over 18,000 frames of original animation work, making for 12 minutes of personalised viewing pleasure. Working in close collaboration with JWT Beijing, we established a unique style for every story, achieving a modern look for ancient scenes. With a team of 40 concept artists and Animation Monks, we produced almost 100 scenes and personalised moments featuring 22 heroes and villains of Chinese history.

The music was composed by our in-house sound department and strings everything together in the most euphonic way. Nearly 10 Sound Monks were involved in producing a bespoke score and sound design for every film. This brings a different vibe to every story, amplifying the incredible attention to detail that marks this monumental production.

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