Michelin: CrossClimate Experience



Michelin: CrossClimate Experience

For the launch of Michelin’s breakthrough CrossClimate tyre, MediaMonks teamed up with TBWA\DAN Paris to produce an online experience that lets you take control of the weather in real-time. (Well, not literally; that would be apocalyptic.) The WebGL experience demonstrates the tyre’s performance by allowing you to compare it with season-specific tyres in different weather conditions. MediaMonks is also responsible for the campaign’s promo film, which features more computer-generated goodness by our post team. Give yourself power over the weather and conduct your own virtual test drive in a 3D cityscape, all within the space of your web browser.

Our 3D animation team added character to the concept by expanding on the 3D-rendered world, breathing life into its miniature-style suburbs, city blocks and rural areas. Come rain, snow or shine, the 3D cars show the effects of each weather type in different setups. Each weather scenarios features an informative user interface showing detailed performance comparisons between CrossClimate and other tyres. The experiences demonstrate the CrossClimate tyre to be a solid choice for all circumstances.

The CrossClimate Experience is the first instance in which Michelin has preemptively showcased one of its upcoming tyres, taking a fresh approach to the conventional run-of-the-mill product demos. The experience has a fun yet factual aesthetic, blending charming CG animations with realistic weather fronts. Adding realism to a virtual experience, the weather fronts are based on real data gathered from meteorologists. We produced immersive audio to further the realism and bring a greater sense of depth to the landscape overview. WebGL is used to allow smooth and responsive interactions on a 3D playing field without the need for browser plugins, letting users transform the conditions of the landscape in real-time. Packed in a clean and accessible design, the experience effectively exhibits Michelin’s tyre in an attractive interactive showcase.

Michelin: CrossClimate Experience


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