Thank God It’s Pi Day


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Thank God It’s Pi Day

Thank God It’s Pi Day is an experimental side project for the most mathematically remarkable day of the year. To design and conquer this graphical ode to Pi, our entire motion graphics team assembled to donate their time and talents in this spontaneous effort. Brought to you by HTML’s canvas element, Thank God It’s Pi Day is inhabited by an endless sequence of grid-based animations shaped after the figures of Pi.

On 3/14/15, at 9:26:53 AM, we officially launched this memorialization of Pi Day, commending that the date and time had aligned to match the first ten digits of Pi. While Pi remains a constant, each of its many numbers animate across time and space to produce a string of perpetuating patterns. Figures, shapes, and colors all combine and intertwine to create a mathematically spectacular to Pi and the art of animation.

Thank God It’s Pi Day


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