Viceland: Huang’s World

Vice (Los Angeles)

Vice (Los Angeles)

Viceland: Huang’s World

For the second season of VICELAND’s Huang’s World, MediaMonks produced an animated title sequence showcasing Eddie Huang’s gastronomical adventures. The animated intro is a colourful visualization of Eddie’s culinary journey. By bringing together the dishes and locations of the show’s previous season, the title sequence shows how food and culture are combined in Eddie’s past, present and future. Using old school 2D cutout animations on a 3D playing field, we combined two different schools of animation to create a visual delight matching the madness of Huang’s World.

The title sequence was made entirely from assets of the new season but still achieves the old-school look and feel VICE aimed for. The 4-week project was produced in close collaboration with the VICE team in Los Angeles. This allowed our Monks in LA and Amsterdam to test the remote-working waters and fine-tune our animation workflow across space and time, with worldly results.

Viceland: Huang’s World


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