Google: Tango Out-of-Box Experience



Google: Tango Out-of-Box Experience

Together with Google, we created a mixed reality experience that introduces users to the features and capabilities of Tango, Google’s new technology platform for computer vision. The app demonstrates Tango’s technical capabilities by combining depth-scanning, motion-tracking and augmented reality in an interactive showcase. By scanning your surroundings with a Tango-powered device, we create a virtual world that interacts with the real world in real time. The experience is packed with virtual flora and fauna that respond to you and objects around you, encouraging users to move around and explore the world with Tango.

It Takes You to Tango
Our main goal when creating this experience was to spur users into moving around with their device. We achieved this by making movement itself the user’s primary means of interaction with the virtual world and its inhabitants. What first seems to be a sparse wireframe environment gradually transforms into an inviting, spacious and vibrant world. The animated creatures and plants extend this invite by playfully reacting to the user’s presence.

Sounds of Another World

As the virtual world takes over the user’s visual surroundings, the experience’s spectacular sound design comes into play. Our in-house sound Monks brought the flora and fauna to life with binaural sounds that adapt to the user’s location, becoming richer the closer they get. Furthermore, an atmospheric soundtrack was composed to evolve as users progress through the experience, matching the extraordinary events unfolding around them.

Google: Tango Out-of-Box Experience


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