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06 December

MediaMonks Makes the List | WNW Creatives Would Kill to Work For

PUBLISHED BY Working Not Working

While “Celebrated with Champagne” may be one-third of our moniker, and an important milestone for much of our work and team, you won’t find too much of it on the blog. However, this accolade meant too much to not mention, and we’re proud to be in good company.

Keep reading for an excerpt of the announcement from Working Not Working (the full article is linked to below) –

Since launching a new and improved Working Not Working at the start of 2017, we’ve seen our community’s curated talent pool more than double.

With an increasingly formidable crowd of tastemakers and influencers on hand across the globe, we’d be foolish not to listen to them and selfish not to share what they have to say with you. WNW is all about bringing the highest possible caliber of creative talent to studios, agencies, tech giants, startups, brands, and nonprofits. But we’re equally invested in introducing the most forward-thinking companies to our ever-hungry creative talent.

That’s why we surveyed our members for the fourth year in a row, asking them which companies they’d kill to work for full-time. So we know who wants to work where, and what matters most to them when considering a job. Also, many of our members are fervent in their desire to maintain their freedom, which provides added weight and a litmus test for identifying only the companies that earn the most enthusiasm in creative circles.

Below, we list the top 50 most popular companies out of the more than 600 receiving votes. But first, a bow to the royalty of this survey. Those whose names have graced the results all 4 years. You know who you are. And so should everyone else: 72andSunny, Airbnb, Apple, Barton F. Graf, BBDO, Buck, Disney, Droga5, Google, IDEO, Mother, NASA, Nike, Patagonia, Pentagram, Pixar, Sagmeister & Walsh, SpaceX, Tesla, and Wieden+Kennedy. Make sure to check out the 20142015, and 2016 results. We’d also like to quickly note that what our members possess in creative capacity they lack equally in spelling skills. One of the most popular companies was also the most consistently misspelled. Congratulations to Weden+Kennedy, Weiden+Kennedy, Widen+Kennedy, Wiede + Kennedy, plus Wieden-Kennedy for all making the list.

Next, a warm welcome to the following companies making the list for the first time: Amazon, Chandelier Creative, Collins, Everlane, Instagram, Mailchimp, MediaMonks, and Oddfellows. You’re about to become a lot more popular on the internet. We predict that soon “Amazon” and “Instagram” will become household names.

This is just part of the announcement posted by Working Not Working.

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