Bancolombia: School of Sustainability

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Bancolombia: School of Sustainability

Literally revolving around the self-reliant community of Santa Cruz del Islote, this WebGL wonder lets you explore the entire island from any angle. You can navigate the digitally reconstructed island through a 3D model, and then drop down to any location to explore it by foot, in what is probably the coolest morph on the Web. The Street View-like experience combines high-end photospheres with a real-time 3D sky. During this tour, you learn how the community sustains itself through a rich collection of content and classes, collectively telling the story of 500 people living on 3 acres.

Sustainability is the future, and so is this website.

Navigating the Island
The tour takes people across the island to nine specific locations, each with its own lesson. It is specially designed and developed to allow for intuitive navigation: the directional arrows reposition themselves dynamically to guide people in the right direction no matter where they venture. Along their route, people can interact with various hotspots to learn even more about Santa Cruz del Islote, its people and its means of sustainability.

Beautiful Lessons
The people of Santa Cruz del Islote don’t have a lot, but there’s a lot we can learn from them. In cinematic video portraits, different members of the community talk about their life, profession and customs. These make up the nine lessons of The School of Sustainability. Each lesson has its own focus, from teaching visitors about the virtues of community to sharing and sustainability.

Once each lesson is completed, people are presented with a question related to the video’s content that they must answer to graduate from The School of Sustainability. The experience presents people with their results and provides tips on how to improve their (real-life) sustainability score, all based upon their answers. By making the entire experience as engaging as the lessons themselves, we turned The School of Sustainability into one that everyone wants to attend.

Bancolombia: School of Sustainability


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