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Bancolombia: School of Sustainability

Literally revolving around the self-reliant community of Santa Cruz del Islote, this WebGL wonder lets you explore the entire island from any angle. You can navigate the digitally reconstructed island through a 3D model, and then drop down to any location to explore it by foot, in what is probably the coolest morph on the Web. The Street View-like experience combines high-end photospheres with a real-time 3D sky. During this tour, you learn how the community sustains itself through a rich collection of content and classes, collectively telling the story of 500 people living on 3 acres.

Capturing and Sharing the Stories of Santa Cruz del Islote
Because Santa Cruz del Islote has no access to public facilities like running water and electrical grids, the community relies on sharing to get by. As one of the world’s most sustainable banks, Bancolombia believes this is something everyone can learn from. To get more people to learn about the island, Sancho BBDO teamed up with MediaMonks and Google to literally put the overlooked community on the map. By making the island explorable through Google products, people from around the world can see not just where the people of Santa Cruz live but also how they live.

We went to the north-west coast of Colombia to capture every nook and cranny of the island using 360 cameras and a technique called photogrammetry. Using this data, we were able to completely recreate the island online. The 360 tour of the island takes people to nine specific locations without having to stick to a specific path. The dynamic navigational elements are designed to automatically guide people to the next lesson, no matter where they venture. Along their way, people can learn more about Santa Cruz del Islote by interacting with the various hotspots they can find on the island.

Lessons from the School of Sustainability
To really get to know more about the community, people can watch a series of video lessons. Each lesson has its own focus, teaching people about the virtues of community, frugality and sustainability through personal stories recorded as cinematic portraits. Because while the people of Santa Cruz del Islote don’t have a lot, there’s a lot we can learn from them.

In order to graduate from The School of Sustainability, people must answer questions relating to the topic of each video lesson. At the end of the tour, people get their results and as well as tips on how they could improve their sustainability score. By making the entire experience as engaging as the lessons themselves, we turned The School of Sustainability into one that everyone wants to attend.

Bancolombia: School of Sustainability







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