Geox: 7 Days of Rain



Geox: 7 Days of Rain

The Geox Amphibiox campaign is beyond doubt one of the most fun product launches MediaMonks has ever done. Not only did we design bespoke websites for desktop, tablet and mobile, we also got to create an artificial cloud, capable of pouring liters of rain per minute. This made absolute sense, as our crafty campaign chronicles the story of 34-year old Tom, who we’d sent to Barcelona to live through seven days of nonstop precipitation. Everything was done under the pretext of testing Geox’s new waterproof line of shoes. In the name of advertising, of course.

The 7 Day Rain Test was dreamed up by the creative wizards of SMFB Oslo. Already having tested Amphibiox in the rainiest place on earth for their 2012 campaign, the only way to up the ante was to make it rain, and have a tester live underneath this omnipresent cloud for seven days straight, with the waterproof shoes being his only protection. To make the suffering of the campaign’s test subject entertaining beyond schadenfreude, our dashing directors of MediaMonks Films cooked up an overarching storyline, joining brutal mediterranean downpour with dry British wit.

In addition to authoring the storyline, MediaMonks was also responsible for the production of the experiment. This includes the complete Barcelona shoot but also the build of three different clouds and the whole postproduction circus (sound design, editing, grading, deadline juggling) – all courtesy of our own in-house teams. One of the campaign’s features we like best is the ‘shoe cam’, which lets you see just how much these shoes hate water in super slow motion.

The website’s lauded design comes from the Wacom-pens of our very own designers. Relying heavily on strong visuals and subtle icon animations, the site gives the full stage to our tester and his nemesis cloud. In doing so the Amphibiox campaign pleasurably waters down the distinction between a product site and an experience. An effort that has already resulted in nine awards, including a Promo & Activation Grand Prix at Eurobest.

Geox: 7 Days of Rain







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