Jack Daniels: The Few and Far Between

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Jack Daniels: The Few and Far Between

The Few and Far Between is an interactive tribute to America’s time-tested bars and joints where great stories are told and transpire. The sublime scrolling site is an effort of Arnold Worldwide and MediaMonks and features a rich collection of stories as regaled by bartenders, bouncers and barflies from across the USA. The site brings these stories together in an animated collage that literally blurs the boundaries between the content. Topped with handmade typography, The Few and Far Between makes the stories of everyday people into a showpiece worthy of a stage bigger than a barstool.

To bring this project about, we travelled the country like contratroubadours, hearing out hundreds of patrons in a coast-to-coast round trip. Every story we chose to document for the site had to be intrinsically compelling as we wanted the stories to be told with as little makeup as possible. We made sure the setup and lighting were fitting and the story flowing, but other than that it’s the teller that carries the story.

The site brings the eclectic mix of stories together in a single space, but rather than focusing on single accounts, there are multiple things going on at once, with background noise subtly emulating the feeling of having stepped into an anecdote-rich bar. Pushing the boundaries of HTML5’s canvas element, the animated collage is achieved without the use of Flash, creating an audio-visual experience that is stimulating even on the smallest screens. A marriage of novel design and innovative development, The Few and Far Between goes above and beyond to recreate the aura of authenticity of the Jack Daniel’s brand. Crafted with care, coded by coffee, celebrated with whiskey.

Jack Daniels: The Few and Far Between


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