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Jumeirah Inside is the most exquisite hotel experience to ever exist. Unprecedented in scope and scale, Jumeirah Inside travels through 23 hotels in a Google Street View-like experience with 360 video and various interactive features. The experience offers an exclusive look inside the Burj Al Arab and other luxury hotels, introduced by cinematic film that connects the key locations. Visitors can explore each hotel in 360 degrees and book a suite straight from the experience. MediaMonks also produced the 360 video rich media banners that drive awareness for the platform by giving users an interactive taste of what’s to come.

Jumeirah Inside is built around the magnificent Burj Al Arab, the world-famous luxury hotel that has inspired the standards for other Jumeirah resorts. The project is the result of a close collaboration between Jumeirah, The ZOO and MediaMonks. Under direction of MediaMonks Films, we created a cinematic storyline that guides users to the most exciting spots of the Burj Al Arab. The film welcomes users with a shot of an arriving helicopter before dropping them into the first of many photospheres.

Each of the 23 hotels are brought to life by 360 photospheres, spatial sounds, and over 650 interactive hotspots. The hotspots let you discover the unexpected details that make every Jumeirah hotel special. By interacting with the spheres, users can: launch the world’s tallest indoor fountain inside the Burj’s impressive atrium, see the famous rotating bed of the Royal Suite in action, or see how they make a cocktail at the Skyview Bar — all from within the still photospheres.

Users can navigate from hotel to hotel through an elegant interface that is beautiful in and of itself, with hotel thumbnails that subtly fill the background when selected. Like the rest of the experience, this is a proud product of our in-house production team. For Jumeirah Inside, MediaMonks took care of everything from the development of the user experience and the design to the production and post production of the film and photospheres, not to mention the massive technical build.

Step inside and experience 360 degrees of digital production.

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