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KLM: Space

A trip to space is the ultimate Journey of Inspiration, and working on this campaign to find one very lucky winner has firmly cemented itself as one of our ultimate joys of 2013. The mechanic was simple: predict the height and drift of a high-altitude balloon before it pops. The execution, anything but: Gorgeous 3D and CGI, a sexily smooth execution across desktop, tablet and mobile, all topped off with a live event that followed the balloon on its stratospheric travels.

We're taking a giant leap, so let's start with some small steps. To highlight KLM’s pioneering spirit in air travel, RAPP and DDB & Tribal Amsterdam created an inspirational and international competition: KLM SPACE. On the 22nd of April in the Nevada Desert, a high-altitude balloon with more tech than your average Ironman suit was launched; allowing us to map, stream and track its progress as it hurtled towards the heavens.

The two weeks prior to the launch were used to give people the chance to "Claim Their Place in Space". The site developed by MediaMonks combined high-end graphics, 3D animation, and contextual storytelling, creating an exciting environment for contestants to predict the balloon’s height and drift. Some smart social sharing allowed contestants to enlarge their claimed space and their chances of winning this most epic of prizes.

With well over 125,000 contestants claiming a place in space in our two-week window, we were ready to "do it live", as the site switched to control-room mode. A three-hour live event gave contestants the opportunity to follow the balloon's journey via a video stream and GPS data. The website offered dynamic, real-time overviews of all claimed places and continuously informed contestants of their position relative to the balloon and other nearby contestants.

After some bending of space and time we calculated the winner to be Pedro, a Brazilian native who went on to enjoy the World Cup, the Olympics and a trip to space in 2014. What’s more, KLM Space was well-recognised for its galactic efforts, picking up a Double FWA for desktop & mobile, a Bronze Cyber Lion at Cannes, a Gold Ciclope Award, one Bronze; one Gold; and two People’s Lovie Awards, as well as a place in Google’s esteemed Creative Sandbox.

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