Nestlé United for Healthier Kids: Tummyfish

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OgilvyOne Dubai

Nestlé United for Healthier Kids: Tummyfish

To encourage kids to drink more water, we worked together with OgilvyOne to create Tummyfish. This virtual friend and storybook come together in a free mobile app that promotes healthy drinking in a fun way. Kids learn to imagine Tummyfish is theirs to care for after a magical interactive moment in which the fish finds its way from the book into their belly. Tummyfish’s emotions and environment are affected by the child’s liquid intake. Excessive sugary drinks make Tummyfish unhealthy and unable to play, while water makes for a happy friend who rewards kids with digital toys and minigames.

A Kid’s Game, Built for Parents

The idea for Tummyfish came from a need to increase water drinking amongst kids, with one out of four not drinking enough. The combination of book and app lets parents sit down with their kids and teach them about healthy drinking while encouraging parent-child bonding. Parents can monitor the liquid intake for each of their children and receive a reminder when this hasn’t been updated in the app. The more water kids drink, the more minigames they can play. To prevent kids from playing the minigames for extended periods of time, Tummyfish falls asleep after five minutes of play.

The Tale of a Tummyfish

The original character designs and vibrant style of the Tummyfish storybook were created by our in-house Illustration Monks. This style was then translated to the Tummyfish app, where we achieved a balance between the real autonomy of a stomach and the imaginary world of Tummyfish. The interactive moment that brings the book and app together came to fruition in a series of play-testing sessions with kids and their parents. Kids needed an interaction to help them imagine they had a fish to care for in their tummy. The app uses the smartphone’s camera to detect when it’s placed on a kid’s stomach, at which point Tummyfish appears as if seen through an X-ray.

Nestlé United for Healthier Kids: Tummyfish







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