Weber: BBQ Cultures

Uncle Grey

Uncle Grey

Weber: BBQ Cultures

Everyone loves to barbecue. In recognition of this joyful fact, UncleGrey created BBQ Cultures, an integrated campaign that celebrates the moments, dishes and traditions that make up the world of barbecuing. The campaign takes you on a visual journey that passes through five distinct barbecue cultures across Europe. The effort consists of a series of TVCs and a digital film, both produced by MediaMonks. The digital film is an interactive extension of the TVC that allows viewers to dive deeper into the featured cultures and learn about the recipes and techniques that make each region unique.

The online experience showcases the cultural diversity of barbecuing by educating food enthusiasts and grillers alike about the intricacies of the barbecue beyond the bread and butter of the basic burger. The interactive film is an enhancement of the TVC, bolstering each barbecue culture with facts, tips and dishes specific to each of the five featured regions. By following the film, users are guided through the Nordics, London, Sicily, Germany and Provence in a continuous flow that fits with the theme of the campaign. While the people, food and location are different for each story, the barbecue is ever-present.

Each story features interactions that give access to deeper layers of culinary content, spliced together with Weber product descriptions. Users can interact with the content to explore the region’s cooking methods, traditions and recipes. Covering recipes of the shores of Sicily to the filleting techniques used in the Nordics, the experience cuts no corners when it comes to contextual content. Coincidentally, the project was crafted by a team of Monks whose nationalities span 9 countries, making for a truly multicultural production.

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