IKEA: Where Good Days Start



IKEA: Where Good Days Start

The world’s most-famous catalogue crafted into an interactive film that expands as if it was designed by IKEA itself; Where Good Days Start is the first IKEA Catalogue that can be explored through a story. The film and accompanying TVC are a creative collaboration by SMFB and MediaMonks and stars a typical family and their archetypical morning routine. The element of surprise lies in the hidden layers of extra content, which allows viewers to divert from the main storyline at any point during the film to see more of the featured family members and products.

Where Good Days Start was written, shot, and directed by MediaMonks Films under creative direction of SMFB. The tone of voice of the campaign – which also features a :30 and :60 TVC – is lighthearted throughout, with first-class grading giving every scene a warm thrill. Playful 2D and 3D animations give an extra dimension to the mood of the film while interactive scenes top things off by adding fun and functional features into the mix. The result? 7% more store visits, 36% more online store visits, and an overall increase of 12% in bed & bathroom sales compared to 2013.

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