Los Angeles

Animation Intern at MediaMonks LA

Los Angeles

MediaMonks is looking for a multi-talented animation intern to join our beautiful office in Venice Beach. If you'd love the one-of-a-kind experience working with a client so big and cool that you'd have to sign an NDA, then this is the perfect internship for you.

About the Internship

This is a paid internship for college credit, but we welcome anyone starting their career to apply. You'll work directly with our in-house team on a project that spans teams in multiple continents. Learn a major brand inside and out, how to handle strict brand guidelines while still finding out new ways to surprise them with your creativity. This is a fast-paced project that covers multiple styles and disciplines with incredibly supportive and fun colleagues. We value experimentation, while also delivering work of the high quality standard our client demands. Even though we are a part of a project with an incredible scale, you'll still have the mentorship of a small team.

Our company has grown exponentially over the last couple of years and our relationship with this client has only become stronger as time progressed. In addition to learning as much stuff as we possibly can teach you, you'd be at the forefront of something potentially even much bigger.

NOTE: Due to the nature of this client, you will not be able to put any of the work produced on this project in your reel or portfolio. However the experience gained from this internship should far outweigh this caveat, this is going to be a one-on-one hands on project more akin to a mentorship. If you have read this, please remember the magic word is "porridge".


  • Positive vibes. Can work on a team, adapt to ever-changing client demands, can stay strong under pressure and have an excellent ability to take and grow from criticism. In addition know how to give a helpful, mindful critique as well. We all want to make the best work possible and we welcome everyone to speak their mind.

  • Experience in the following Adobe programs is REQUIRED

  • AfterEffects
  • Photoshop

  • Familiarity with the following applications is a plus
  • Animate (Flash)
  • Premiere
  • Illustrator
  • ToonBoom Harmony
  • Cinema4D

  • An interest in the wider art scene, styles deeper than what's just popular at the moment, a respect for art history, design, visual storytelling and the interesting work that's being made now. You seek work out beyond just the screen of your phone and laptop. Go to galleries and festivals.
  • A passion for social media. You don't need to have thousands of followers or anything like that but have an understanding of the type of social content you'd like to see and read. Know when a brand oversteps their bounds, what kind of posts are appropriate and how to tell a story in the limitations of a quick and punchy social post.
  • You love pop-culture. Whether it's books or movies, you know and are a part of the cultural conversation. This is especially important for the culture around music and mobile games. This includes smaller, more niche trends that maybe people aren't quite aware of just yet.
  • Benefits

    MediaMonks is the kind of place that believes the best work happens when co-workers are also friends with each other. Some of our Los Angeles specific events included monthly rooftop parties, K-Town nights with Karaoke and Korean BBQ, outings to escape rooms and independent animation screenings. We also have a fridge loaded with soda and beer in addition to snacks available to everyone. We'll treat you right, we promise!

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