Los Angeles

Creative Lead / Art Director at MediaMonks LA

Los Angeles

MediaMonks is hiring a senior-level creative Monk to be the mentor and guardian of the design and animation realm within our monastery. You will not only be the Gandalf within the production monks, but you’re also ready to work some out-of-this-world magic. Guiding moving pixels across space with grace is your personal love language.

The Lowdown


  • For this lead position, we’re looking for a Lead with 4+ years of high-level experience leading creative teams in an international environment.
  • You’re looking for high-quality projects, not prestige: your work will be seen by millions but we can’t brag about it.
  • You see the opportunities to concept and you get ready, sleeves rolled up, and tackle it with utmost grace.
  • You get excited at the idea to meet and present content to clients, versus breaking a sweat.
  • You’re equally capable and confident in dealing with high-end brands.
  • You have a comprehensive understanding of creative and design work streams and how we can continue to improve both going forward.
  • You have experience directing digital design, animation and illustration.
  • You’re skilled in creating concepts for display advertising and social (content) campaigns using images, animation and video.
  • Your pitch skills are as great as your concepting skills: you know how to make a case and sell people on an idea through beautifully designed presentation decks.
  • You have the ability and stamina to tackle the same challenge from a wide variety of angles.
  • You can produce concepts from scratch and enhance ideas provided by clients and colleagues.
  • You’re a team player with leadership skills: you can keep a cool head when things get heated and are great at dealing with (stressed-out) clients and coworkers.
  • You know how to maintain a positive vibe and inspire people to get things done, wherever they are in the world.
  • If you can also throw in some illustration and/or animation skills, that’d be a great nice-to-have.
  • Benefits

    Join Our LA Team

    Working at MediaMonks LA is arguably the most awesome thing to do in Los Angeles right now. You’ll join a super-fast-moving company on a global mission to become the best production partner in any field and market, operating as one team across time zones with 1200+ Monks and counting. If you’re up for the job, we’re down to meet you to tell you more about MediaMonks, our work, culture, and hands-down best-ever first friday rooftop parties.

    Please be attentive to the requirements and accompany your portfolio with a custom cover letter detailing why you’re the right Monk for the job. We’d love to probe your personal pitch.

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