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Finance Controller at MediaMonks HQ

Amsterdam HQ

As MediaMonks grows bigger and better, we are hiring a next-level controller to help manage what comes in and out at the biggest digital production company on the planet. At MediaMonks, you’ll work as part of the most-fun team in finance. You’ll be part of a unique company producing amazing work and results.

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Become a Controller at MediaMonks
At MediaMonks, you’ll join a young & fun, successful and super-fast-moving production company that people would kill to work for. Our office is easy to get to and our Monks easygoing. The coffee is OK, but limitless. The job comes with a one-of-kind company culture, excellent extracurricular events, a next-gen pension fund, amazing food, and an annual winter sports trip. So, if you meet the profile, we’d love to meet you in person.


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