Los Angeles

HR Manager North America at MediaMonks

Los Angeles

MediaMonks is looking for an all-round Human Resources sorcerer to manage all things HR for all our offices in the U.S. If you're mage of personnel and protocols, we’d love you to put a spell on us.

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Please address the role and requirements for this position in a custom cover letter, making clear why you're the right Monk for the job.



At MediaMonks, you’ll join a successful and crazy-ambitious company creative people would kill to work for. You’ll be part of truly global company, operating as ‘one office in eleven locations’ with an incredible in-house team of 750 Monks and counting. Stressful moments are part of the job, but so is our casual company culture. If you meet and exceed this profile, we’d love to welcome you into our fold of fun, which includes a benefits package with health insurance and karaoke.

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