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Recruiter at MediaMonks LA

Los Angeles

MediaMonks is recruiting an in-house recruiter to recruit new Monks for our creative production monasteries in the US. In this role you'll work alongside our in-house Talent Monk(s) to help attract, recruit and retain the best talent for MediaMonks and to make sure that our processes are as up to speed as the pace we hire.

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Come Source And Celebrate

At MediaMonks, you’ll join a crazy-ambitious company on a global mission to become the best production partner in any field and market. You’ll get to work for a company that creative people would kill to work for — if only everyone knew) —alongside colleagues that are absolutely killing it. We serve mean lunches and masterful parties, including our notorious winter sports trip, and we even offer a pension plan for when you’re too old for this 💩.

Please be attentive to the requirements for this role and accompany your application with a custom cover letter detailing why you’re the right Monk for the job.


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