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S4Capital is a global partnership of digital advertising and marketing services teams that leverage their talent to provide world-renowned brands with unparalleled innovation. Built for digital, we help brands and businesses consolidate their marketing and technology spend, de-silo their organization and innovate how they reach, respond and sell to their consumers.

With us, you'll find a diverse group of colleagues with different backgrounds and perspectives. We believe everyone has something of value to offer, and that sustaining a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace begins with fostering an environment where people can be themselves, authentically, every day. We want to build something with the potential to change the heart of our industry, and we’d love to include your unique perspective.

Now, about the opportunity: In this position, you will report into MediaMonks while also working together with other S4 companies like Circus, IMA and MightyHive. As a Social Media Editor you’ll be responsible for planning, implementing, managing and monitoring all the account’s social media strategy to increase brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and increase sales and performance. As a Social Media Editor, you should have excellent multitasking skills to handle all our social media accounts in a cohesive way.

Key Responsibilities:



With a model that is foundationally different, operating as a single P&L across 31 countries, we create seamless access to 5,000+ of the world's best data, media and content people integrated in highly disruptive teams. This means we can deliver table stakes quickly, creating cost efficiencies from day one to push up the creative effectiveness of our work with every cycle. We help transform businesses into digital-first brands and make legacy brands famous across feeds and buyable everywhere in an ecosystem of best-in-class experiences.

We are an equal-opportunity employer committed to building a respectful and empowering work environment for all people to freely express themselves amongst colleagues who embrace diversity in all respects. Including fresh voices and unique points of view in all aspects of our business not only creates an environment where we can all grow and thrive but also increases our potential to produce work that better represents—and resonates with—the world around us. We promote an environment that encourages everyone to be their authentic selves every day as we work together to build something we believe has the potential to change the heart of our industry.

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