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Sr. Platforms Designer at MediaMonks HQ

Amsterdam HQ

MediaMonks is in the market for an experienced designer of large-scale sites, apps and platform projects. A designer who is not only a deity of design, but is ready to help guide junior designers and the design department as a whole improve at what they do.

We’re looking to hire a true-born digital designer with a manifest knack for interactive work. Someone who likes working on long-term projects and loves to get dirty with clean, functional designs. If you’re the one, we’d love to be the zero so we can make beautiful binary babies together.

Role & Responsibilities

Join MediaMonks as a Designer

At MediaMonks, you will join a successful and fast-growing international production company. Stressful moments are part of the job, but so is our casual company culture. If you meet and exceed this profile and are eager to take on this position, we’d love to welcome you into our fold of fun.

Please be attentive to the requirements for this role and accompany your application with a short cover letter detailing why you’re the right Monk for the job.


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