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MediaMonks is hiring an UX Designer to craft creative interactions for digital experiences, from entertaining AR experiences at the airport and 4D experiences, to VR versions of Colombian islands, car launches driven by Voice UI, robotic krakens and more.

You're an experienced digital experience enthusiast who challenges industry standards on how people interact with technology. As a master of multiple mediums, you have psychic vision for choosing the right medium in the context of small-scale or larger-than-life projects. While spearheading multiple projects, you know how to map out the right strategy as well as value the story we want to tell to fully immerse the user in the experience.

What Are We Looking For?

A senior team member to pass the torch of knowledge and experience to the juniors by guiding and supporting them on multiple projects. Shaping the most creative solutions for innovative projects.

Do you have a least five years of experience at the highest international level? Are you confident in working with A-list brands? Do you have experience in taking the lead in a project? Can you carry a project to an even higher level? Then let’s interact - keep on reading!

You Breathe the Following

Does This Gig Have Your Name All Over It?

As an UX Designer at MediaMonks, you’ll work as part of the most awesome creative production company on the planet, operating as ‘one office in twelve locations’ with an incredible in-house team of 1000 Monks and counting. In addition to this poetic symmetry, you’ll get to do award-winning work with prize-worthy coworkers as part of a successful and super-fast-moving company on a global mission to become the best production platform in any field and market.

If you’re eager to join our digital dynasty, we’d love to hear your personal pitch. We’re also keen to see some actual work in the form of a VR/AR project, interactive installation project or any other work that you think will showcase your talent. So please share your best creative thinking with us.

Please be attentive to the requirements for this role and accompany your portfolio with a short cover letter detailing why you’re the right Monk for the job



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