KFC: Zinger 1 Space Mission

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KFC: Zinger 1 Space Mission

Yes, we actually sent a chicken sandwich to space. With the help of WorldView, we launched the world’s first commercial Stratellite on its maiden voyage with KFC’s Zinger sandwich. On top of the Stratellite, we built a space-proof KFC bucket that could withstand the harsh conditions of the stratosphere, and the internet. In addition to livestreaming the 4-day event to our Mission Control-website, the bucket displayed tweets, took a selfie using a robotic arm, dropped a coupon to earth, and waved a KFC flag to mark the greatest achievement in sandwich history.

Space and sandwich fans alike built anticipation for the launch through a Mission Control-like campaign site. The site featured a project timeline, live streams and data feeds, the blueprints and science behind the bucket, Colonel Sanders mission videos starring Rob Lowe, and interactive graphics showcasing the proprietary technology of the Zinger 1 Stratellite.

KFC: Zinger 1 Space Mission


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