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KPN: Pridestream

For the 2015 Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade, N=5 and MediaMonks launched an initiative to let people participate from anywhere in the world. Equipped with large LED screens and a 360 camera, the Pridestream boat enabled almost 70,000 people from 128 countries to sail along and show their pride to the crowds of Amsterdam. Pan around the canals of Amsterdam in a 360-degree livestream on and experience Gay Pride in all its glory.

One of the first 360 livestreams to grace the Internet as well as the first crewless vessel to enter the Canal Parade, Pridestream was a real feat. Through the Pridestream website, people could tune into the celebrations and broadcast their videos and messages to the screens on the boat. On mobile, the experience was made even more immersive as visitors could look around by moving their device. By introducing a rainbow-coloured filter, even people who wanted to keep their identity secret could show their pride and be cheered upon.

Pridestream is an experiential amplification of the idea that we should celebrate the freedom to be yourself and love whoever you want. This idea is central to Amsterdam Gay Pride but also to KPN, who champion their brand message of ‘Feel free’ by leading innovations in the way people can communicate. To commemorate the celebrations, the Canal Parade can be revisited in its entirety through a 360 experience complete with time-based tweets and noisy Dutchmen.

KPN: Pridestream


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