Old Spice: Foam Zone

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Wieden+Kennedy Portland

Old Spice: Foam Zone

A football stadium, made out of Old Spice foam, where 24 people compete against each other, live, on the Internet? Old Spice’s got your back, along with the rest of your body. We produced 6 NFL-themed obstacle courses for a live game show streaming on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. The biggest obstacle isn’t the foam but the internet, because you decide what happens. Over the course of 12 hours of livestreaming magic, hundreds of thousands watched and commented to influence an otherwise fair game. Foam Zone topped over 50k concurrent viewers on Twitch, amassing 7.3 million views in total.

Taking Audience Engagement to the Next Level
By allowing online viewers to respond to live polls and questions, Foam Zone was able to get to a whole new level of strange. Viewers could affect the course of the game show by commenting with specific hashtags and emojis to vote on what should happen. To make things even harder, they could also entice crew members to tackle specific contestants as they attempted to cross an obstacle, or let voted-for contestants drop from platforms into a pit of foamy despair. And of course, viewers were able to #makeitfoam, turning on colossal Old Spice Foamer spraying cans to unleash a deluge of foam onto the contestants.
During the live stream, W+K had everything at their fingertips to raise excitement levels to the max. We produced an abundance of awesome assets to keep viewers entertained, including custom graphics and a bespoke sound effects panel. Bells, alarms, crazy bumpers and special-combo animations filled the screen, often at the most random times. And of course, the audience could also relive the most spectacular falls, #fails and foams through instant slow-motion replays. We further amplified the reach and results of Foam Zone by creating videos and animated illustrations for social media.

Ready, Set, Foam!
An ode to the weirdest of Japanese game shows, Old Spice Foam Zone took place in a custom-built world in which high-quality, luxurious foaming body wash rules supreme. Our team designed the sets and coordinated the build-up of the Foam Zone, which in total consists of six foam-filled obstacles courses that give Wipeout a run for their money. To bring the Foam Zone to life, we needed space, a lot of it. So we rented two warehouses that were big enough to house the massive sets, as well as all of the 24 contestants plus crew.
At our São Paulo Makers Lab, we crafted quirkily football fields, ridiculously big Old Spice Foamer cans, haze machines to create mysterious fog, and trees to make for a nice background. To really set the stage, we also produced two gigantic head sculptures for the presenters of the live event. We created an all-mighty statue for NFL player and Old Spice all-star, Von Miller, and also sculpted one for the Guard with the Golden Whistle: Foam Zone referee Mark Jensen.

The Result of Madness
Over the course of the 2-day event, we live-streamed a total of 12 hours of foamy madness. For that to happen, we brought together 9 cameras, 4 generators, 1 satellite truck, 1 broadcast truck with 8 screens, and 3,0000 litres of luxurious foam. To capture the thrills, triumphs and tribulations, we used a multi-camera setup with static as well as handheld cameras to record the action from up close. To ensure the event would run smoothly, W+K brought on an experienced live TV-director to direct viewers and contestants alike through the foamy nonsense.
The multichannel livestream resulted in 7.3 million views and 126 thousand interactions, thanks to one amazing host, three relentless commentators and over eighty live polls. During the second day, Foam Zone even became the No. 3 trending live video on YouTube. But two days of Foam Zone is obviously not enough for the internet to decide on a winner. The true Foam Zone winner will be revealed on prime-time TV during the NFL game between the Redskins and the Saints — bringing together online and analog audiences for a final showdown. Because there can be only one winner worthy of the mighty Foam Zone cup and all the bragging rights that come with it.

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