Stella Artois: Water Ripples

Mother New York

Mother New York

Stella Artois: Water Ripples

For World Water Day, we produced a 36-foot high kinetic art installation inside Grand Central Station that immersed philanthropic passersby with a wave of 558 motor-controlled water droplets. Stepping onto the stage, patrons could place their hand on a plate to trigger a stream of illuminated optical fibers, surging up the main pillar. As waves of water droplets rippled down from the ceiling to create the perfect photo-op, our bespoke 8.1 soundtrack filled the hall with ambient sounds. We developed the complete experience, from the virtual installation design to the physical point-of-purchase and integration of the social media takeaway.

There are women and children in developing countries who are forced to spend millions of hours each day traveling just to collect water for survival. In efforts to help end the global water crisis, we formed an alliance with Stella Artois, Mother, and to raise awareness and funds. For World Water Day 2018, we created this massive interactive spectacle open to the public at Vanderbilt hall in NYC’s Grand Central Station.

With every purchase of a special edition chalice, Stella Artois made a contribution to provide 5 years worth of clean water for people in developing countries through The humanitarian organization’s celebrity owner and public relations mouthpiece, Matt Damon, was on scene to host a Q&A session and promote the experience in further efforts to raise money and awareness for the cause.

Stella Artois: Water Ripples


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