Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Terminal Tours

AKQA San Francisco

AKQA San Francisco

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Terminal Tours

For the first Call of Duty in space, we helped AKQA produce Terminal Tours: a Facebook Messenger chatbot experience that lets you discover the Infinite Warfare universe in the most witty way possible. By Facebook-chatting with your animated guide, Alana (played by Kate Micucci), you get an interactive tour of game’s planets and plots. However, if you don’t follow Alana’s perilous instructions, death and destruction is the message you’ll get. In addition to the three-minute trailer, we directed and post-produced all of the campaign’s se7en original death scenes, triggered via chat and delivered through drop-dead gorgeous GIFs.

MediaMonks worked directly with AKQA on the development of the comic death scenes and trailer, which was seen over half a million times in the first two weeks of the campaign. Using original assets provided by Activision, we re-created the game’s extraterrestrial environments in post. The actors were recorded against a green screen and later placed into space thanks to some terrific grading and compositing.

We also did some fetching VFX on the actors themselves. In the suffocation scene, for example, we made a 3D scan of the actor’s face to create a life-like replica we could deprive of oxygen without getting the unions after us. We also dare to say that Terminal Tours boasts the most elaborate selfie ever produced, beating the Oscar Selfie in terms of planning, production value and drama.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Terminal Tours


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