Old Spice: Muscle Surprise

Wieden & Kennedy Portland

Wieden & Kennedy Portland

Old Spice: Muscle Surprise

Feel the power of Muscle Surprise: the final frontier of Flash. To capture the magic of Terry Crews — the potent prince of Old Spice — we flexed every fiber of our production prowess, from film and post production to game and sound design. Muscle Surprise allows you to uncover all the secrets behind Terry’s powerful body. The interactive experience includes nearly 200 original scenes, sweated together in a matter of weeks by MediaMonks and the crazy minds of Wieden+Kennedy Portland. Start exploring and witness why hundreds of thousands procrastinated with Terry for over 5 minutes on average.

In Muscle Surprise, Terry wants you to check out the characters living inside his body. Every muscle conceals an adaptive storyline, hinging on your prior interactions. It’s up to you whether to eradicate or to excuse these mini Terrys. While probing Terry’s muscles, you’ll interact with characters ranging from a super villain and a plush tiger to an erratic robot and a playfully incompetent doctor as they explore each of the explosive stories.

Each muscle offers a gateway to a new narrative. You hold the power to alter the experience based on the decisions you make when interacting with the mini Terrys. Enter Terry via his abdomen and you’ll engage a storyline starring gym-rat Terry; start with his bicep and you’ll find an entirely different plot, ultimately strengthening your belief in the power of Old Spice.

Complete with carefully orchestrated sound effects and super random explosions, Muscle Surprise is amongst the most idiosyncratic projects to ever hit the MediaMonks office. We’ve brought out all the guns from our animation arsenal, passing assets around until it fit the production perfectly. From a 2D talking tiger to a fully-animated 3D robot, the eclectic mix of characters somehow had to aesthetically make sense in the grand scheme of things.
Muscle Surprise presents a strong case of teamwork & technology coming together in no time. The project required us to use every bit of production muscle we have in-house. From the live-action footage and the 3D animations to the sound design and the technical built, to make it work, everything had to work.

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