Wrangler: Born Ready

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We Are Pi Amsterdam

Wrangler: Born Ready

A quaint cookout meets nature’s serious side in this scenic TVC conceived by WE ARE Pi and MediaMonks. The 60-second spot presents both the fashionable and practical characteristics of Wrangler clothing through a group of stylish campers enjoying an outdoor escape from the city. While the advert plays on picturesque advertising tropes, an epic zoom reveals the storming reality of the great outdoors to be far more formidable. However, thanks to Wrangler, these campers are more than just stylish; they’re ready for whatever the weather has to throw at them.

To capture the charm of a contemporary camping trip, our location scouts discovered a beautiful glade at Siwash Rock, Stanley Park, Vancouver. It was here we set up and filmed the TVC in a single day using a Steadicam, drone, and a handful of talented animals. The mise-en-scène was a feat in and of itself, requiring over six hours practice and patience from our actors in preparation for the golden hour of twilight. With the scene set, we shot the camp in one smooth take before transitioning to the drone footage.

To shoot the movement from the campsite to the aerial view, we equipped a drone with a camera light enough to be carried, opting for an anamorphic lens to achieve the visual style we desired. Our post-production team tied the drone and Steadicam footage together by sprucing up the scene with a CG tunnel of foliage, hiding the many man-made bicycle paths and fences that blemished the natural surroundings. Combined with some cleverly-composited birds and clouds set against the untouched Vancouver skyline, the result is a seamless cut that feels as if the TVC was shot in one fantastically flawless take.

Wrangler: Born Ready


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