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Fight Cancer: Interactive Punching Bag

The Interactive Punching Bag is an inventive installation created for Dutch NGO, Fight Cancer. The punching bag features a fully functional punchable screen that lets you see how cancer cells develop. Custom-made by MediaMonks from over 4,000 responsive LEDs, the digital punching bag allows you to donate by the punch to raise funds for cancer research. Punch in your personal details and go head-to-head against animated cancer cells in a literal fight against cancer.

The Interactive Punching Bag uses an accelerometer to sense the strength and location of every punch and relays the measured impact through visualizations on the display. You start by entering your age, sex and lifestyle (from healthy to unhealthy) using your fists. The installation then uses your information to generate a personalized game based on your cancer-risk profile. The game simulates how fast cancer can develop and challenges you to fight back the cells. Amplified with surround sound designed by Amp. Amsterdam, the installation immerses you to better understand the immediate need for cancer research.

Coined by Thijs Biersteker for the opening of the 2015 Creative Press Challenge, the Interactive Punching Bag is meant to inspire people to approach communication challenges in a different way. This year, the challenge was to come up with new ways to raise awareness for Fight Cancer, a charity organization that enables people to set up their own fundraisers for cancer research. The Interactive Punching Bag will help to further this goal by travelling from gym to gym to get more people involved in the fight against cancer.

Fight Cancer: Interactive Punching Bag


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