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CHPA: DXM Labworks

DXM Labworks introduces a playful approach to the prevention of drug abuse. Created by Tribal Worldwide NY, this MediaMonks-produced mobile game allows users to engage with the dangers connected to DXM abuse, the active ingredient in over-the-counter cough medicines. The app features 12 original minigames that bring the detrimental effects of DXM abuse to the screens of teens in a fun but factual format. The minigames take the form of DXM-infused experiments that challenge players to test how long their robot remains functional. MediaMonks is also responsible for the futuristic campaign trailer sporting high-end 3D characters in a CG-rendered factory.

DXM Labworks lets players take on the role of lab technician in a 3D workshop that is optimized for mobile devices. In a series of experiments, players can observe the effects of DXM abuse through the actions of their ‘Dextrobot’, a customizable test subject that simulates human reactions to recreational use of the drug. The minigames challenge players to see how long they can prevent their Dextrobot from spoiling a variety of social situations. Much like the effects of ‘robotripping’, the Dextrobot becomes increasingly difficult to control, inevitably terminating in a rendered stream of purple vomit while its robot friends look on in digital disapproval.

Each minigame leverages mobile’s medium-specific features to fully demonstrate the Dextrobot’s reactions to DXM abuse. Touchscreen and motion gestures coordinate the intoxicated robot’s movements as you stumble through the app’s various test environments. Complete with its own disorienting soundtrack – courtesy of our human sound engineers – DXM Labworks is one of the richest collections of minigames we’ve ever produced.

CHPA: DXM Labworks


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