Macy’s: Wish Writer



Macy’s: Wish Writer

Macy’s Wish Writer is the most-magical stylus ever created. When paired with our cheer-packed mobile app, kids can send letters to Santa filled with magical inks, vibrant colors, and their own creativity. Simply scan the pen with the app’s built-in camera and add all sorts of animated magic to your letters. The Wish Writer app is decked with minigames, activities and a narrative highlighting the importance of kindness and generosity. Research, tradition, and technology merged as we created this experience with the team at JWT as well as child psychologist and expert in play therapy & gaming, Dr. Steven Fox.

Inspired by the famous Christmas editorial, Yes, Virginia, the app’s main character, Virginia, accompanies users throughout the story. She teaches how to play each game and also explains that acts of kindness and generosity are what the holiday season is all about. While you earn badges with the completion of each activity, the games are not based on the age-old notion of winning and losing. They hold the sentiment that good deeds are making the people in Virginia’s town happy. With each activity and every badge, the town and its people gain more of the holiday spirit and kids see they’ve helped create another magical Christmas.

The Macy’s Wish Writer app was designed and built by our in-house team of Monks. Starting with the narrative direction and encompassing everything from the illustration work to full-scale audio production, our Monks worked shoulder to shoulder to craft this happy holiday expedition. With the research offered by Dr. Fox, MediaMonks and JWT worked together to spin a storyline for all ages filled with illustrations and animations. This resulted in gripping gameplay that make a broader range of children active. With their magic Wish Writer, children are not simply writing letters to Santa, they are actively learning valuable lessons about what it means to be a generous person.

Macy’s: Wish Writer


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