Nike React: Game of Go

Wieden+Kennedy Portland

Wieden+Kennedy Portland

Nike React: Game of Go

Celebrating the launch of the new Nike React, W+K gave people the ability to virtually compete against one another while testing out the fit and feel of the sneakers. We designed the game as well as the installation, creating an experience that uses motion-sensors to render runners in real-time on massive LED screens in the middle of L.A. Live. We built customized treadmills to allow people to dash and jump in the game while being partially suspended. A technological tour de force, Game of Go attracted press across the nation and became the highest-scoring FWA project of all-time.

Putting Untried Technology to the Test
Knowing that the treadmills were going to be used in one of the liveliest locations in L.A., the installation had to be strong and sleek — just like the Nike React. Our technical directors and engineers went out of their way to build three sturdy treadmills that still looked light and playful. Taking the technology on a path it’d never stepped on before, the treadmills captured every move and transmitted it to the L.A. Live display in real-time, all while withstanding the wear and tear of the supercharged workouts they weren’t originally designed for.

A Dash of Delight at Every Turn
As important as its physical performance, our installation had to meet people’s expectations. We wanted to surprise and delight runners with the same level of imagination that was put into the experience. Our motion graphics team worked tirelessly to create and then integrate an iconic, 400- meter-long running track. The 3D track featured the best elements of a traditional dash challenge, but was also full of surprises. The same was true for the 3D avatars, who were just right amount of cute and courageous, with runners pointing and cheering as their characters crossed the finish line.

Nike React: Game of Go







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