Old Spice: Youland

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Old Spice: Youland

Old Spice Youland is a classic arcade adventure that puts you at the centre of the irresistibly incredible Old Spice universe. Brought to you by W+K and MediaMonks, Youland consists of three action-packed games inspired by Old Spice products. Connect your Facebook profile to pixelate you and your friends into good-looking game characters and prepare for the retro-madness that ensues. Become a car, dodge ozone layer blasts while riding a beaver, and climb the ladder of success by beating your bosses with projectile swordfish in this potpourri of personalised gameplay with megabytes of 8-bit art, action and audio.

Pixel Perfection
To capture the bizarre, over-the-top and downright absurd visual world of Old Spice in a videogame, we produced art and assets in a retro-style that made the most of every pixel. Youland draws inspiration from the finest arcade classics as well as more recent lo-fi pixel games. Each game consists of three stages, featuring a crazy range of gameplay, from side-scrolling beat ‘em ups and top-down shooters to platform puzzles and fast-paced racing games.

Personalised Play
Youland’s crowning feature is the next-level customisation system we developed to pixelate Facebook profile photos into uncannily realistic avatars. The game crops, rotates and mirrors the original photo to create en-face portraits before applying bespoke pixel filters to achieve the rad retro look. On top of this, the in-game and cutscene assets are tailored to the player’s profile information. All of this makes for a hilariously personalised adventure in which coworkers bore you with your posts, Facebook friends own in-game cafes, and your birth certificate is an obstacle that causes damage.

You Sound Great
Our sound department created a whopping 1,400 sound assets, making Youland one of our most audibly awesome productions yet. With personalised lines from Old Spice all-stars Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa and original sounds of people turning into cars, firing skunk-fart guns and getting bitten by sharks, Youland is truly a sound to behold. We also composed distinct music tracks for every stage of the game suiting and embracing the game’s sonic style. This resulted in a radical blend of the best (and worst) of 80s music delivered in all its retro-gaming glory.

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