Top Gear: Caravan Crush



Top Gear: Caravan Crush

Based on the “Most Watched Factual TV Program” in the world, Caravan Crush is a mobile video game that lets Top Gear fans take on their least-favourite vehicle in a car-to-caravan face-off. The free-to-play mobile app is a product of the BBC and MediaMonks Games and is packed with references to the original show. Playing on Top Gear’s brand of banter, the goal of the game is to launch vehicles across an airstrip, crushing as many caravans as possible.

Made for short bursts of gameplay, Caravan Crush remedies those stints of boredom where there’s really nothing better to do than trample caravans with souped-up cars. The game features a selection of iconic vehicles known from the television series, digitally reimagined by our in-house game development team. Armed with explosives, cash or other nonsensical surprises, the caravans can further or falter players’ attempts at destruction. As players launch their vehicle across ever-greater distances, they can earn cash to upgrade their ride or purchase vehicles with better specs. Players can earn even more money by taking on special challenges as the Stig, allowing them to achieve a bigger bang for their buck.

Next to the Stig, the game features all kinds of Top Gear-inspired bolt-ons that players can use to find ever-more original ways to crush caravans; from anchors for extra accuracy to jet-propulsion engines that increase velocity. With non-intrusive purchases granting access to more fan favourites from the show and additional content in the pipeline, Caravan Crush is a prime time killer for Top Gear enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

The game reached a marvellous milestone on Google Play with more than 500,000 downloads and a fabulous 4-star rating on average from over 18,000 reviews.

Top Gear: Caravan Crush







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