Canon Gig App



Canon Gig App

The Canon Gig App is a new way for fans to take professional-quality photographs at concerts. The app lets fans connect to a range of Canon cameras set up around the concert venue to capture any moment in superior quality. Part solution, part product demonstration, the Canon Gig App remedies the shortcomings of smartphone cameras while showcasing the difference a Canon camera makes. Created by UncleGrey and built by MediaMonks, the concept marries hardware and software to put a better camera in the hands of every concertgoer.

The Canon Gig App emulates the camera’s viewfinder to enable users to pan, zoom and capture the act from up-close. It then automatically assigns a unique tag to the user’s photo so they can see, save and share their concert pictures directly through the app.

Combining the quality of a 4K camera with the convenience of a smartphone, the Canon Gig App gives you professional photos without taking away from live experience. In doing so, the concept presents a promising move into product development, showing that ads can be apps.

Canon Gig App


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