Dream + Reach: The 50 Years of Bose


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Dream + Reach: The 50 Years of Bose

Featuring an original documentary by Academy Award-winner Morgan Neville, Dream + Reach celebrates 50 years of Bose with a sound effort in web design. The website combines film, audio and a range of custom animations to make the science and stories behind Bose’s products available to all. Users can lean back or forward as they choose to watch the film or read about the history of Bose in a ten-part interactive story. The effort is the result of a six-month collaboration between Bose, Saville and MediaMonks.

MediaMonks was in charge of the design and overall production of the project, trusting the direction of Bose’s story with the acclaimed Morgan Neville. The website is a digital amplification of Neville’s narrative, of which fragments are interwoven throughout the site. With the website and film constantly following up on one another, users are given ample opportunity to explore Bose’s history of research and innovation in unprecedented detail.

To make Bose’s all-star cast of products, patents and people comprehensible from a user perspective, we organized Dream + Reach into chapters. The chapters chronicle everything from Bose’s beginnings and breakthroughs in noise-cancelling technology to the company’s lesser-known role in education. With Dr. Amar Bose’s relentless drive to always reach for better coming back as the leitmotif in every story, Dream + Reach turns corporate history into a captivating treat for your eyes and ears.

Dream + Reach: The 50 Years of Bose


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