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Google: Night Walk in Marseille

Night Walk in Marseille might be the coolest way to stay up late during the day. For this project, we teamed up with the bright folks from 72andSunny Amsterdam to cram three kilometres of urban nightlife into an immersive, pocket-sized experience. Embodying the first-ever Google Street View by night, the experience lets you stroll through the streets and back alleys of Cours Julien. During this nocturnal tour around the city’s best kept secrets, you can tap into Google’s genius to learn more about Marseille and the nighttime neighbourhood.

From Sound Walks to Night Walk

The interactive experience was inspired by Julie de Muer’s Sound Walks project. Julie wanted to make it easier for people to get to know Marseille, so she began creating a series of sound walks to guide visitors through her city. 72’ fell in love with Julie's clever use of Google Maps and invited her to make an interactive version of her favourite walk. Now we could truly open up Marseille to the rest of the world using best of what Google has to offer.

To capture the creative melting pot of Cours Julien, we went out at night to shoot some two hundred high-definition photospheres that allow you to explore the neighbourhood from every angle. Like Julie’s Sounds Walks, the experience submerges you in the natural acoustics of the neighbourhood, with a MediaMonks-produced soundtrack that reacts to your movements as you walk and look around. As you explore, integrated Google products such as YouTube videos and Knowledge Panels enhance the experience with bespoke content and information about the places and people that you encounter – demonstrating the power of Google in real-use contexts.

Magical on Mobile

Night Walk in Marseille was made as a mobile-first experience. Leveraging the gyroscope and accelerometer, the mobile website lets you look around the neighbourhood simply by moving your phone or tablet. Next to what is probably the most sublime way of draining your battery in the history of mobile computing, mobile users are technologically treated with recommendations that suggest similar places to visit near their own geolocation, thanks to the Google Places API.


Night Walk in Marseille hit a homerun during the first inning. In between the much-appreciated ABCs (‘awesomes’, ‘beautifuls’ and ‘cools’), surfers from around the seven seas were quick to call the experience “franchement incroyable,” “meravigliosa,” and “ale epickie!” The project also picked up shoutouts from Wired founding executive director Kevin Kelly, The Verge, Mashable and Buzzfeed, driving traffic towards seven digits within a single week.

Google: Night Walk in Marseille







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