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In a collaborative effort with BBH London, we produced Johnnie Walker’s brand-new content platform, built to tell the history and mission. The experience is centered around the brand’s strong belief that being joyful is the key to success and happiness. A blend of whisky knowledge including history, tips, types, and cocktail recipes is offered throughout the platform. Neat features such as a custom label-maker, e-commerce subsite, and detailed vignettes of the six Johnnie Walker Houses bring this web experience together and make it as smooth as Blue Label scotch. The joy is in the journey, hence “keep walking” and enjoy each step.

The ultimate objective of this site is to advocate being joyful rather than simply reaching for success. “Joy will take you further” is what Johnnie Walker claims in Joynomics: The Study of Joy and Progress. This Johnnie Walker branded book was written by Matt Killingsworth Ph.D and aims specifically to teach people to stop worrying too much about success and start letting joy lead your life.


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