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Together with GSD&M, MediaMonks built an innovative new platform putting the U.S. Air Force on a sky-high pedestal. The website features an intelligent interface that helps to inspire recruits to learn, explore and discover applicable career opportunities with the USAF. Each piece of content and every career that makes up is analyzed and adjusted to the profile and persona of each user. These personalized career paths aim to define qualified enlistees and designate them to a best-fit career as early in the process as possible. With, potential recruits embark on a digital journey through carefully curated content pathways that fit their unique persona.

On the back-end, builds on an algorithmically driven database of content detailing the who, what, where and why of the USAF. The responsive front-end design adapts the content to ensure user-friendly experience on any device on a highly functional and elegantly designed interface. The objective is to provide candidates with realistic career options in order to enlist the most-qualified candidates and bypass time-consuming queries for all applicants. With this in mind, the site was built so that users won’t tread the same path twice. It’s a continuous scrolling experience that is personally tailored to reveal fresh information each time a user visits. Furthermore, each experience an enlistee can have is capable of being fundamentally different from any other person’s. The paths inspire people to progress and drive them to achieve at their greatest and most personal potential no matter what level of experience they hold.

Through a narrative-style introduction, the site determines each user’s path based on intrinsic and extrinsic motivators that people select for themselves; personal details that reveal who the user is, what experience they have, and what they are looking to gain from a career. The content is filtered according to these answers and the user begins their journey. Relevant cross-links allow users to weave throughout the taking in fresh content that pertains to their interests and abilities. Once users have personalized their own path, the platform guides them to discover realistic career options available to them while teaching them what it means to be a part of the U.S. Air Force.

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