Bredbandsbolaget: Monster Fight

Acne Advertising, Hobby Film

Acne Advertising, Hobby Film

Bredbandsbolaget: Monster Fight

To show that Bredbandsbolaget not only offers broadband but also telephone and television, we worked with director Oskar Bård to create a gigantic sword-bearing, tentacle-fencing monster. In the TVC, we see a spokesman of the ISP casually keeps this monster at bay while explaining why Bredbandsbolaget is best. To piece this beast together, we transformed the design sketches into a detailed 3D sculpture which we then rigged for character animations. Next to grading, lighting and compositing, MediaMonks is responsible for the sound design and the post work that was need to replace the stand-in actor with our CG monster.

Bredbandsbolaget: Monster Fight


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