Amazon Prime Video: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Experience

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Experience

Combining technology and thrills, The Jack Ryan Training Field was a hyper-realistic 4D experience that challenged Comic-Con visitors to navigate a 30ft-high obstacle course in VR. Equipped with an Oculus Rift, fans rappelled from helicopters, crossed narrow planks between buildings and ziplined from rooftops to complete a nerve-racking training mission. The experience was further enhanced by 4D effects delivered by scent machines, vibration motors mimicking helicopter rotors, and fans blowing on people as they rappelled down. Mapped and tracked through OptiTrack, people could freely move through the installation and pick up objects to complete their mission, delivering a range of movement that had never been achieved outdoors before.

The VR Training Field was part of the bigger Jack Ryan Experience that offered a triple threat of technology, storytelling and thrills. This innovative introduction to Prime Video’s newest show became the most talked about activation at Comic-Con 2018. MediaMonks co-produced several parts of the event, which allowed fans to activate the hero inside themselves through a series of awe-inspiring activations.

Transforming a 60,000ft2 parking lot into a Middle-East black-site, our VR obstacle course was complemented by an escape room, and a bustling bazaar where fans could complete mini-spy missions. Every moment inside the event-site was fleshed out with world building details, designed to be fully immersive. We published ,The Prime Observer: a newspaper full of easter eggs relating to the show, including original illustrations and articles, fake ads, and a crossword that led to a secret mission. Throughout the event site we placed operatives sending visitors on spy assignments, Among other things, visitors had to locate a sleeper agent and comb the site to retrieve critical pieces of intelligence.

An on-the-ground war reporter streamed all four days of the event live for the entire world to see on Twitch. Fans, journalists and Twitch-users alike took notice, producing craze, coverage and kudos for Prime Video around the world with 6,000 visitors and millions of online onlookers making this a mission accomplished on an unprecedented scale.

Amazon Prime Video: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Experience







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