AT&T Retail Marketing: The Batman Experience

Collective, part of The Integer Group

Collective, part of The Integer Group

AT&T Retail Marketing: The Batman Experience

Celebrating 80 years of Batman, we helped AT&T steal the show at Comic-Con with The Batman Experience: an interactive exhibition featuring the coolest activations to ever hit the Batman universe. We crafted the centerpiece installation with a VR skydiving experience that lets you put on the Batsuit to fly through Gotham City. We also produced Rogue’s Gallery Rumble: a punching-bag installation that uses projection mapping to let you beat your favorite villains in return for onomatopoeia such as Pow! and Wham! And what’s a Batman tribute without a Batcave where you can play Batman games throughout the decades?

Dark Knight Dive
The Dark Knight Dive combines the experience of free-falling with the creative possibilities of VR to produce a 4D experience that completely immerses fans into the world of Batman. After a safety-training-turned-video-briefing by Lucius Fox, fans put on the Batsuit and Batman cowl to dive through Gotham in pursuit of Scarecrow, who’s unleashed his Fear Toxin in an attempt to take over the city. The VR experience happens inside a skydiving tunnel that blows fans away as they experience the feeling of flying. If this sounds badass, that’s because it was — Wired didn’t call it “utterly unprecedented” for nothing.

Rogue’s Gallery Rumble
Relive the famed fist-fights of the 1960s comics through an interactive punching-bag installation. Using visual mapping, you can knock out Batman villains on a punching bag that features all of your favorite bad guys. Every time you hit the bag, you’re treated to the punch and kick sounds that are part and parcel of the Batman comics. The stage is surrounded by a video wall showing classic illustrations from the Batman comic books to completely draw you into the experience.

To make sure thumbs wouldn’t be stale in-between IG posts and live streams, we produced a Batman-themed gaming lounge where fans could play Batman (arcade) games from the past. From classic Nintendo games to more recent adventures, the Batcave allowed games to replay (Batman) gaming history like never before. As with the rest of The Batman Experience, we were proud to feature some rare pieces that had not seen daylight in decades (not that they saw much of it in our gaming cave).

AT&T Retail Marketing: The Batman Experience






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