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Red Bull Air Race Live VR

‘12G is the new 4G’. With Red Bull Air Race Live VR, you can experience a new dimension of motorsport based on real-time telemetry data. Rendered on location at the World Championship races, the experience enables users to relive a flight from the pilot’s perspective. Each flight follows the exact trajectory of the pilot’s race, which is recreated in Unity based on data from the planes. Sit down and experience up to 12 Gs without moving, or switch to one of the cameras on the track to see the run from a static perspective.

One of the most intense VR experiences to date, we’re using the Daydream controller to allow users to toggle between the fast-moving plane and static viewpoints on the ground. The ‘tower mode’ automatically switches to the nearest ground camera so that users can take a break without missing any of the action.

Predrag Vuckovic / Red Bull Content Pool
Andreas Langreiter / Red Bull Content Pool

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